Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kids, JR elves and random update

Tis the Season to be BUSY....errrrrrrrr. I mean....... JOLLY! Is everyone in full swing with Christmas shopping and baking? I've not hit my hot streak as of yet. Every year I say NEXT YEAR I'll have all my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving! And every year I don't. ugghh... confession time! But this year I'm struggling with getting everything done. I've been so sick sooooooo often and my energy level is in the pooper! But I'm trying. The other night we made hot apple cider and put up the Christmas tree. My house still looks like santa threw up in it, as I've not gotten everything put where it belongs yet. I stayed home this morning to do laundry before I go work in Katie's class (and then go to the office to work). We are reading an incredible book in Literature circle. It's about a bunny named Edward. I'm sucked right into it. I'm excited to go in today because the kids are so excited about the book as well. Kayla called and forgot her spelling book, so I'll be taking that to her. Kevin has tutoring he will be staying after for (in geometry) today and he was released to go back to wrestling (after his hernia surgery). So he is excited about that. The girls have Awana's at the church tonight, and Kayla has soccer practice. Katie took her first Art/Painting class yesterday and she had an incredible time! She LOVED it! I've realized I've bit off a lot for them lately so we'll have to see how it goes, homework is obviously most important so we need to see if we can keep that in check. Monday's both girls have math tutoring (Which Katie's teacher is seeing TONS of improvement, so that is great) for an hour and a half and then (in January) they will go from there to a cooking class (it's right by our house and they are learning to cook different ethnic type foods, table setting, manner, etc...........they are very excited about this! This month (on a Saturday) they are doing a big Christmas cooking class). Then Tuesday's Katie has Art/painting lessons for an hour and a half (right after school) and Wed. is Awana's for both girls and every other Friday (during the school day and until about 6:00pm) Katie is old enough to do the Ski School through school! They will take them to the ski slopes and teach them to ski or snow board. She is very excited about this and I am too. This is the last week of soccer so I guess the 4 days a week of soccer practice is just replaced by cooking and art classes. Kayla didn't want to take art, she said she likes doing it, but pretty much(lol) just on her own, not with a teacher. Fortunately everything they are doing is within 10 minutes of our home, makes it very very very nice that way!
As many of you know I'm a board member of the Pit Board Charity and we are in full swing of working with our adopted Christmas families. It is such a fun time. Jr. Elves is in a week. I'm so sad I can't attend this year. For those of you who don't know, we go every year to North Carolina and we pick a shelter there we will work with. We have a limo go pick up the children from the shelter and we have put together stockings for all of the children. The limo takes them to Jr Motorsports and we have their lunch room all decorated. We bring in Pizza and drinks and serve the children. Dale Jr.s dog "Killer" was there last year to visit with the kids. We have "Santa" come and each of the kids sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas and he gives them a stocking. The limo then takes them to Target, we follow over (along with many Jr Motorsports employees) and we have gift cards for the kids to go shopping (usually they go over the limit on the card and we all enjoy paying the difference). They first buy a gift for their mother and then their siblings and the rest is for them. This year Target is providing gift wrapping for us for them. The limo then takes them back to the shelter. Doing this is the best Christmas gift I've ever received. I'm sad to not be able to attend this year but will make sure I can next!

I better leave to work in the classroom. But this is my update!

Have a great day!

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