Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chores for children

We started a chore chart. It's based on COMMISSION as apposed to just getting an allowance. The reason for this is to show them you get paid for the job that is completed. You don't just get a set amount of money each week and end up skipping chores.

It was actually pretty funny. I ordered it from "Dave Ramsey" and when Kayla opened it she started reading the box and said "Dave Ramsey.... MOM!!!" And Katie grabbed her same size box and said "Well, here is my Dave Ramsey!" and put it to the side. They tease me because I listen to him so much.

They went on to play with their new toys/games and then Friday they were so excited to get there chore charts up and asking questions about the giving, saving and spending envelopes. We made the list of commissionable chores for them and days there were to do them and went over the "offenses" there would be fines for. Example- missing homework assignment, not feeding the dogs and your brother does pay your brother.

There are chores on the chart (as a reminder for them) but have pay at $0 because they do these chores because they are a member of our family. (make bed, do homework, laundry to hamper, etc.)

They have done the dishes twice already, made sure the animals were fed. And then come to us to have us check off the list.

This will be something we will have to stay on top of but it is important to me to teach them responsibility with helping in the family, start forming a work ethic and responsibility with money.

They will put 10% in their giving envelope, 10% in their savings envelope and the remaining 80% goes in their spending envelope.

We have another chart they can draw a picture on that goes next to the chore chart. The picture is of what they are saving for..... Can be something big or small.

We are doing something similar with our older son Kevin. He has bigger chores, gets paid more for them and they will be on the weekends instead of during the week like the girls. Reason for this is because of his wrestling practice schedule and homework load he really doesn't have time for much else during the week.

I'll keep you posted as to how it continues to go and any "tweaking" we may end up doing!

Can you believe the New Year is almost here!?!

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