Saturday, December 27, 2008

Grocery Challenge!!!

Ok, I'm doing the grocery challenge again! We have soooooooo much food in the house now from the holiday's PLUS all the meat in the freezer from my Hubby and his hunting. I'm going to try for one month to spend $10 a week at the grocery store. Basically purchasing milk. I'm going to make bread in my bread machine and try to get by on what we have in our cabinets and fridge/freezer. I plan to do many crock pot meals because of our schedule.

After this month I will see where I'm at with food and possible go to the $25 a week challenge for the next month, depending on how much I have left.

I know a few of my friends joined me in the past, please LET ME KNOW if you are joining in again!

It is so wasteful to have this much food and continue to purchase more food just because I don't FEEL like what we have in the cabinets. So this is my mission and I"ll keep you posted!

We may go to our beach house this week for a few days so this will be when I will be tested big time. I need to pack the car with our food from our home if we go! No clam chowder...waaaaa No "Cracked Crab" . How will be survive? LOL

I'm determined to get out of debt and to build my savings account back up. So this is one of my first baby steps in getting there.

I'll keep you posted!!

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