Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Around the house #2

This is the back part of our house down by the waters edge. Same spot we were clearing brush. I had to make a 2nd post as it wouldn't allow me to upload photos (again). It is so peaceful to sit and look at the wildlife on the lake.

My hunny is doing his tractor work. He is pulling out the brush (leaving all the trees) and putting it in a big burn pile. Poor thing got Poison Oak on his face while doing this. It's been bothering him all week. I was able to find some soap at the local market that is for poison oak, he says it has been helping.

Our dogs, Nestlie and Buck, warming themselves by the fire. =)

Put another log on the fire....... Fry me up some bacon and some beans.... Wait is that how that song goes? LOL

I have never noticed this tree on the property before. Now this is determined. The roots are growing right up the side of this big rock. Crazy. The kids kept climbing up the rock. They tied a rope around the tree to use to help them climb up. They were having a blast running around down there. I love fun family days like that.

Dundundunnnnnnnnnnnn that's all (for now) folks!
Have a great day!

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