Monday, December 22, 2008

Kevin's very 1st Wrestling Tournament

Ok, 5 million pictures coming up. Again, a lot of photos didn't come out because of my little tiny FLASH... Can't wait for my big flash to get here. =)

This was Kevin's very first wrestling match and it was a TOURNAMENT. He had to be at the bus stop at 5:20am to head to the tournament. We got home at 5pm. Needless to say it was a very long day.... but it was fun. This is Kevin's first year of wrestling and he only got to practice for about 1.5 weeks and got a hernia..... had of for a few weeks. Practiced 3 days and went to a tournament. He was a bit nervous and he had a "buy" for one match, wrestled two matches (I'm only showing one the other one was too blury, terrible photos....come on flash!!)..... He lost both matches, but he learned and hopefully got some of the jitters out. I'm so proud of him for going out there and doing this! It is hard work. They do major training, I had no idea. The best part is he is LOVING it..... Though he was sad he lost.

This first photo is of Big Brother Kyle giving him advice. Kyle was right there by his side the whole tournament (when he was allowed to be) and you could tell he was proud that his brother is wrestling. What a great Big Brother, I was a proud Mommy of both my boys.

Kevin heading down for his first match. And poor thing, they sent him to the wrong mat! And thent hey were calling "Kevin Howell, Last call for Mat 5!" He had NO CLUE where mat 5 was...he was running all over back and forth to find out, I felt so badly for him. He didnt' have time to get ready to go because he had to run to the "correct mat" and immiately start wrestling. Not the best way (to add to the already nervous stomach) to start your very first match. But he got there and did his best. =)

Kevin talking to one of his coaches. He actually does UFC(is that the right letters) Cage fighting. No thanks! LOL

Kevin waiting for his turn......talking to the coaches, not knowing they moved him to another mat.

Another coach giving Kevin and one of his teammates some advice.

He found the mat and got his shirt off.

Secure his head gear so he doesn't get yucky ears.

Shake hands before the match begins..........

He went straight in to try to take him down but................

didn't work so well, he got on him...... little more experience and a bit more muscular, but Kevie was in there doing his proud!....

Kevin was flipping all over, doing back summersault type rolls, trying to keep from being pinned....I was like WOW........

This doesn't look comfortable at all.....

He's sooooooooooooooooo trying to get up...... Go baby go!!

Hurry Kevin go!!! We are all chanting in the stands. Kyle yelling "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KEVIN!!!!" Mike yelling, me yelling from beind the camera, his friend mom yelling. Go Kevin, Go!

And he's back on him again......... ughhhhh

And he's PINNED........ over and out....... But he gave it his all........

And they shake hands, the match is over.

And this was my sons very first ever wrestling match!! Love you Kevin! Very proud of you son.

And his coach Sammy shows him how to get out of the holds this guy was putting on him.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh that was nerve wracking! LOL And we are off to practice this morning. He has practice all week except for Christmas day and Christmas eve. So M-T-F-Sat. This should help him, but then they have the next week off for the Holiday.
Have a great day!

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