Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm apologizing in advance for the poor quality of my photos!  They are all taken with my phone but I wanted to share what I have been up to lately!

First stop..........
My friend Sharon and I went to Avila Beach and then to San Luis Obispo for her birthday.  We got there the day after the evacuation from the Tsunami.  This was a view from out hotel balcony.  We had such a blast!  As we always do when we get together! (Which is not near enough!)

Then I was leaving on a jet plane.. (don't know when I'll be back again... oh babe I hate toooo go...... SORRY forgot all about that song!)

Here is my friend Natalie and I on the plane on our way to Maui! Yay!  One of my favorite places ever!

And then we ate at one of my favorite places ever "HULA GRILL"

  Love Love Love Love Love Hula Grill...

This is the view in front of Hula Grill.  Ahhhh I'm so ready to go back already...

This is the view from the Lanai of my friend Natalie's condo. 

Another one of my favorite places in Maui!

Yummy dinner at "Momma's Fish House" 
Soooo good......and the view.....

This is in front of Mommas Fish House.  sighhhh

Then it was back to reality.....
Home sweet home and a glass of Reisling (that looks like water)
Not as good as our Maui ocean view but I knew I needed to not take it for granted and so I needed new patio furniture!

So I went and got this for under our gazebo area.
And I got this for another area...
And besides drinking wine and eating cheese I like to sit out there and read.... 
I also love to do things with my Rugrats so we went to Color Me Mine and they each painted something.
My oldest rugrat daughter painted a fish...

My youngest Rugrat daughter painted a dolphin...
And my youngest son (almost 18) painted a bear for his girlfriend but I would be dead meat if I showed a photo of him painting a cute little bear... wrestling photos are fine, painting bears, not so much. 
Go figure! 
Then we went out as a family to the movies..
My (soon to be) daughter in law, my oldest rugrat son, my youngest rugrat son, my youngest rugrat daughter and my oldes rugrat daughter and Hunk. 
Then my youngest rugrat had a friend over to get ready for the school dance with and have her stay the night after.
My rugrat is on the right in the black and white dress.

The next morning they got up bright and early and decided to go swim in our lake.  It was too cold in my opinion but then again..... moms don't know much, so off they went... and I followed with my camera..  I think it was about 9am.
They jumped in on the count of three and yes they do have life jackets on.......... I'm a crazy spaz momma like that.
And their back strokes.  They were having a blast.
(sorry neighbor for the noise)
Our life guard....  Think she was "fishing"
And they are back home already.  Done swimming and off to take a shower.and oh by the way... back out swimming about an hour later.  Crazy little girls!

Fast forward and it's Mother's Day!
English muffin, eggs, pineapple and a bananna. Brought to me in bed.  So sweet of them...  And Hunk went and did nursery for me at church so I could sleep in a bit longer... which I didn't do but it was nice to relax...

Can't forget the coffee and hand picked flowers they brought to me!

So that is what I've been up to..  Well, a SMALL part of what I've been up to.  Friday I'm taking my rugrat daughter and her friends to a dance up the hill.  Then Saturday morning I'll be up bright and early to head down to a cancer walk with my cousins for Relay for Life.  And it's a 24 hour walk so we will be there with our tent to catch some sleep.  I guess someone from your team has to be on the track at all times so we can sleep in between our turns thru the night, is the way I'm understanding it.  My cousins are having my photo up and my name in lights on a bag with lighting (I think) and it is so sweet of them.  I will get home on Sunday morning and I have a brunch at church honoring the nursery workers that I will TRY to make and I say TRY because I have a shower at 3:30 for my oldest rugrat at our home after that for his wedding.

I think I will be tired but it's all great reasons to stay awake so long!

Hope you all are doing great!  Before I got I must admit I snuck out today and went to town and got a massage and a facial..  Was much needed and I really enjoyed it!  I'll be heading back down for my girls to get shots today, also needed but I do not think they will be enjoyed...... Poor babies... They want it in a liquid form... it is I told them but they were hoping to drink it not inject it. 

Probably don't want photos of that! ;) 

Have a great Thursday!  Oh we so need to catch up on American Idol, Real Houswives, my dress for the wedding (thank you Kristin for going shopping with me!!)!  So much to talk about... I think this is long enough for now! 

Ciao Bellas~ 

Much Love,



  1. Whew! I'm tired now just from reading all that. You sound like you are having a busy, wonderful time.

  2. I have been slammed but some great fun along the way. Hard to believe that summer vacation time is almost here....and high school graduation AND wedding.... ;)

    Hope you are doing great!!

  3. First, LOVE the song on the blog! Second, beautiful blessed family & life, so happy for you - enjoy every second love, it's deserved!! The pictures are beautiful, and so are you and your family!

  4. Wow, when did you sneak this post in and I miss it? I guess I was off but still, I thought I checked you more often. LOVE the pictures and covet your patio furniture. I need new and that looks perfect. Just send it on to me when you get this note!

  5. Deanna- Thank you!!! You are too sweet. I really am blessed. I have to remind myself of that when I feel like I'm just running a rat race but I know I really am! ;)

    Nan- I got the patiofurniture at Costco. I told Hunk that Costco threw up in our front yard. Do you have a Costco there?