Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm alive!  I'm typing to you in a dark room at the Grand Californian Disney Hotel at the Disneyland park.  Why in the dark?  Because my rugrats are still sleeping and I woke up I go back to sleep?  NOPE..... I need to write my e-friends!  I've been thinking of you all and missin' you all and so swamped I've hardly had time to PEE!.  OKAY....I've peed but seriously......busy girl!

Some good.......some not so good.

Let's see......since my last post I went to Southern California for my Oncologist appointment....Everything went good.  I need to go have a chest Xray done next week some time but all in all was a good visit.

My friend Sharon came with me and we (actually stayed right here where I am typing to you from today...WELL not this exact room, but you get the picture)......and we went in to Disneyland for a couple days while we were here......AND we got rained on for a couple of days while we were here.

THEN I had a party at my house with a few friends. 

THEN my oldest son called me in tears because he was having so much pain in his chest.  I flew over to his house and drove him down to the hospital (stopping only once to get out and calm my nerves because I was staring to do what I do...and work myself up.....and felt sick to my tummy and a bit light headed....not the best thing for the DRIVER to do)......we got to emergency and waited  and he had xrays done and was told he had pneumonia.....a few days later.........back to emergency we stronger meds (over $300 later WITH insurance) we had the new meds.......slight improvement....yesterday he went in to his primary dr. and was told it is asthma/allergies and his lung is full of mucus, not pneumonia.  The reason his whole body has started aching is the lack of oxygen to it......the gurgle in his lung is the mucus......  So hopefully he will REALLY be on the mend this time.

AND.....I've been touring colleges with my other son.  We went to UC Merced one day, next day UC Davis,  next day (yesterday) Cal State Bakersfield......where we met with the wrestling coaches and my son was offered a spot on the wrestling team there......and then we drove farther south and stopped here at Disneyland.  We will go into the park today, see a water/light show tonight and tomorrow we are touring another college.  Biola University which is a private Christian college down here.  And then we head home.  Saturday he has the ACT testing and my oldest daughter has dance performance at Oktoberfest! of the kids just farted.....not sure who, but lets just say it was not quiet.  If I stop typing it means I passed out from the smell.....How can they not have been woken up by the fog horn sound that just happened?  If Hunk was here I would have blamed it on was that......okay, sorry....I'll stop.

Sorry.....even in the midst of a hectic couple of weeks I still have to keep it real....Spill the beans on my life.....and right now my life is in a hotel room, missing you all, worrying about my oldest son, thinking about how I won't see my Hunk for a couple weeks (he is leaving tomorrow for hunting in Idaho), wondering which college my son will choose and which one will choose him, thinking about all the money that Mickey Mouse will make off of us today and all the fun we will have while he does......

And OF COURSE......wondering if a gas mask would have been a good investment for this trip.....

I hope you all are doing great.   Miss you tons and think about you lots, just feelin' like Dori lately "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".........

Have a great day!

Ciao Bellas~



  1. Oooo, I LOVE Dory! She says it all and it is SO true! We use it all the time. That and "You still alive baby?" (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and so many other quotes. Man I remember when Alpha Son lived here... after spaghetti... the Marines were called out to find out what that unusual chemical warfare was (well no, not really, but you get the point). GLAD to have you back!!!!

  2. I was just going to leave a note today and ask "where are you?" I was beginning to worry! I, also have pneumonia and I think it's allergy/asthma related! It's the second time in less than 8 months for me! Hope the boy gets better! Pray for my 7 yr old granddaughter, dr. found a soft mass near her spine! I will know more tomorrow after the MRI and dr. call.

  3. WOW!!! That's alot of stuff to manage!! Don't know how you do it!! Love the pic of you and hunk, beautiful!!

  4. Up North. Prayers going up for your granddaughter. PLEASE keep us posted on what you find out tomorrow. (((((hugs))))

    Thanks Deanna! I love my Hunk. =)

    LBD-I too love all those fun sayings......AND I'm glad to be back!

    We spent all day in Disneyland and California Adventure. We got soaked a couple times from some of the water rides and we are getting some warm clothes and going to go back into the park and watch a light/water show. Tomorrow we go visit another college....

    Busy but I am so grateful to be able to be here with my rugrats......just wish Hunk and my oldest son could have come with us...... But he leaves tomorrow for hunting so he had to stay behind and get some work done.

    Don't forget to keep us posted upnorth!

  5. I'm with you on the whole gas issue. Maybe they don't wake up because they're so close to the emission source that they really have passed out. KIDS. MEN. But NEVER us, right? ;)

  6. Stephanie!! I was beginning to worry! So glad you're doing well. Play nice with Mickey! I don't have a gas mask, but I hear clothes pins work well too!