Friday, January 9, 2009

High School Wrestling Match

Kevin had his first "Match" last night. He did go to the tournament and get to wrestle "two matches" at the tournament but this was his first time going when there is only ONE mat and everyone watches one Match at a time. It was very exciting!

This is his very first year wrestling and he missed a ton of practice because as soon as the season started he had to have hernia surgery. He went to a couple practices and then to the tournament. He lost both match's at the tournament and was a little down but we were still very proud of him for going out there and giving it his best.

Last night was nerve wrecking! I told my hubby "I can't watch!!" He said "you wont be able to NOT watch" Which I knew was true. But I could see him looking nervous down there waiting for his turn. What I did NOT know, which was probably for the best, is that he was told he was going to have to wrestle a Varsity player.

Ok, so first year wrestling, first (true) match where he had much practice ahead of time and he has to wrestle VARSITY.!! NO WONDER he was nervous! And all eyes on him, not a bunch of other match's going on at the same time.

Ok, so they call him out there and I'm thinking, ok, deep breaths Stephanie and I'm wondering what the coaches will yell to him (as I listened to them yelling at all the others before him). They shake hands and the time starts. I yell "Come on Kev!" This is pretty much the last thing I COMPLETELY remember. Kevin takes him down flips him over and has him in a hold and they start counting down a pin. Now at this point I know I'm yelling his name but not really sure what else. What were the coaches saying? NO CLUE, I couldn't have heard them over MYSELF if I had wanted to. I'm sure I looked like a crazy woman, no doubt. So I do recall at this point I stop yelling and say a prayer "Lord Please let him pin him, if not a pin them please let him have a good try at this and not get pinned in the first round, please!" and then I'm back to yelling. Well, they went out of the bounds so it started over again. Deep Breath, here we go again..... Come on Kev'!!! Next thing you know Kevin takes him down again, has his leg and twists him up and over and the ref is counting and boom PINNED!!! Kevin won!!!! I was 'woooooooo hoooooooooooing" So excited. Deep Breaths......... it's over. (a friend there did say I was yelling PIN HIM KEVIN PIN Kevin is pumped! He is grinning ear to ear. Yes! Yes! yes! and a Quick "Thank you so much God!". So I see him go and talk to his coach. Kevin walks away smiling......... I'm thinking he told him good job.

Well, what he told him was that he gets his VARSITY PATCH even though he is JV. He gets this because he wrestled a Varsity player and won!!!! Yippeee!! The coach then tells him that the Varsity guy he was supposed to wrestle the other school switched out because they were getting worried of losing the match so they put a better guy in. Kevin started saying, well, maybe he just wasn't very good, etc. I'm like "Buddy, just because you won doesn't mean he wasn't good. you were fast and did great, be proud! Not overconfident... but proud of yourself" So, it was a great night.

And my camera...........ya I forgot that at home!!!! UGHHHHHHHHH so upset. I did take a picture of him when we got home, but sure wish I had it at the match.

So I'm here in California doing my happy dance for my son today!

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  1. Way to go Kevin!! WOO HOO!! We are doing a happy dance here in Colorado for you. :-) Congrats honey!