Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Sadie Hawkins" a Tradition since 1937!!

Sadie Hawkins dance time of year....

A friend of mine mentioned this tradition has been around for a very long time... So I did some research!

I can't believe that this girl ask boy dance started from a COMIC STRIP.  It was a cartoon that turned into a musical.  It was called Li'l Abner.  There was a set day in November when an unmarried woman would chase bachelors and the town hoping to catch them and get married!  One of the girls was named Little Miss Sadie Hawkins.  She was the "homeliest gal in all them there hills" and this day in November was her very favorite day.  BUT apparently it was all the towns bachelors most dreaded day.  As this comic strip got more popular , a holiday inspired by Little Miss Sadie Hawkins,  was created!

This tradition has been around since 1937!  Most of us are not aware of the history behind this celebration but after all these years this event is still called "Sadie Hawkins"

Schools all over the United States got wind of the quirky holiday and started throwing dances on Sadie Hawkins Day.  At first they were all held on the Saturday after November 9th which was the same time  the Festivity took place in Li'l Abner.  But these days Sadie Hawkins dances are held anytime between the months of November and February.

When I was in school the girls just asked the boys... "Hey, Wanna go to Sadie's with me????"  Now asking is an elaborate affair.  But then again, when I was in school and you were asked to Prom the boy just asked you if you would go to Prom with him.... Don't they write it in the sky or put it on billboards nowadays?  

It's cute though!  I enjoy watching these Rugrats trying to figure out how to ask each other to dances.  Well, my cute little daughter (photo above) bought baseballs (as you can see in the photo) because this special (LUCKY... ha ha) boy plays baseball.  So she wrote a letter on each ball spelling out S-A-D-I-E-S-? And she gave them to different people (including teachers) who had him in each class throughout the day.  Then at the end of the day she walked up to him with the final ball which was the ? and her name on it.  

Funny thing is she has him in her first period class.  So she gave the ball to the teacher to hand to him.  She burst out laughing (with her friends) when the teacher walked through the room professing that there is love in the air and threw the ball to him..  He came up to my daughter and her friends later in the period and said "Look what I got!"..  They said "Wow, an E"..  Because that is the letter on the ball.  They all laughed and speculated who it could be asking him.

She was so excited when I picked her up from school..  She got in the car and said "So do you want the whole story??" I said "OF COURSE I DO!!"  Was so cute.  Have a mentioned how much I love being a Momma?!?

Last night she was up making up signs (she is artsy fartsy) for a friend to use to ask her "date" to Sadie's today.

Just had to share!

Spillin' it as usual.

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Those baseballs were such an amazing idea! Love that. Didn't know it originated with the cartoon strip - I used to read that strip religiously when I was younger and never knew that. Pretty cool to learn! Hey Steph! Will you be my e-Valentine friend??

  2. How cute! I love the creativity. Hope they have fun!

  3. Wow you sure haven't updated in a while. Haha. Glad to see your back.