Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bachelor- Who will it be???

Soooooo who watches the Bachelor?  Is it just me?  Am I the only one admitting my addiction?

As many of you know we run on generator here.  Usually I never even notice ....except when the power is out and my neighbor across the lake's house is dark and then they let us know how they were sittin' with candles and looked across the lake only to see every light in our house on. ;)

But sometimes a power surge comes with that generator and this little (piece of poop....ummm I need a new one) battery (that is dead) box is connected to my TV in my bedroom to protect it.  Well, since the battery in this box isn't working it shuts down the tv, and good ol' Directv tivo box takes FOREVER to restart.  Almost there printed on the screen means "you are no were close to there".  Just a few minutes more means "go ahead and start dinner and come back cuz it's going to be awhile".... 

 So I flee..... I run to the TV at the bar, shove the girls to the ground, flip the cartoons off and put the bachelor back on, screaming they are getting ready to fly a kite with little Ricki!!! 

OK OK OK.... Not really, but I wanted too!  I did run to the bar tv,(this is the TV at the bar, not running for a drink...ha ha) but none of my rugrats were pushed to the ground.  ;)

Then my youngest stood look out to tell me when my "Just a few steps more" Directv tivo would be back up and running so I could go back in there where I can pause and skip through commercials.

So...ummmm...... "My name is Stephanie and I'm addicted to The Bachelor.  I also like The Real Housewives and Desperate Housewives."  I'm now sitting down with head hung in shame.  But the first step is admitting it right? 

And the excuse:  I am so tired at the end of the day and I get to kick back and get lost in the show and not think about what I need to do for an hour.

So back to the Bachelor!  Who do you think will be there in the end?  Who's hometown visit did you like best?  Who is YOUR favorite?

Is it Ashley?

Or Emily?

or Chantal O?

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Sorry chickie, don't watch much but movies (occasionally "What Not to Wear"). I do hope you don't hyperventilate and miss part of the show (hee hee). I did force Alpha Hubby to watch an old Jimmy Stewart black and white movie last night. He survived. I love old B&W movies! Did you watch Flipped yet? U will love it. And Assasian in Love (netflix cute british movie) is just precious!

  2. LOL It was last night and I survived and saw it all.......thanks to my quick reflex.. HA

    I haven't seen Flipped yet. Hunk loves Old Westerns. So do the boys. I have to say I really liked the remake at the theater, was good!

    Off to bible study!